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How to Use University Travel Service Accounts (USAs)
or Contract Funding for Travel at BNL

Instructions for Processing Foreign Travel Requests


    *Note: THIS FORM IS COMPLETED BY NEW TRAVELERS ONLY (for both USAs and Contract Travelers) -- submit to or fax to 631-344-5078 before intitiating a foreign trip request.
    *Note: THERE IS NOW A NEW TRAVEL PORTAL-- just click on the TRAVEL menu above and select "TRAVEL REQUEST". The Program Office will receive all information electronically and complete the form on traveler's behalf. When finalized, the Program Office will route for approval signatures. (USAs traveler's -- please first make flight reservation by emailing Jody Maddock at Omega World Travel at
  • U.S. ATLAS TRAVEL REIMBURSEMENT REQUEST FORM   This form is used only for University Travel Service Accounts. (If you are a Contract traveler submit your receipts to the University). The form is identical to the initial Travel Request Form, but traveler will now fill in "actual costs" rather than estimates. Foreign and domestic travel will follow the same reimbursement procedure.
  • DIRECT DEPOSIT REIMBURSEMENT FORM   This form is used only for University Travel Service Accounts. After receiving approval of your reimbursement request, please fill out the Direct Deposit form and follow the instructions to submit to BNL's Accounts Payable Department.
  • APPROVED HOTELS AT CERN   Travelers requiring lodging in Geneva, Switzerland are required to stay at the CERN Hostel or one of the listed hotels as approved by the Regional Security Office (RSO).

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