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U.S. ATLAS Operations Program Planning Application (OPPA)

What is OPPA?

The U.S. ATLAS Operations Program Planning Application (OPPA) is U.S. ATLAS's tool for budget and funding, and to respond to Funding Agency requests for details regarding the Collaboration. It is especially used to determine funding levels. Therefore, it is imperative that the database be kept up to date and accurate, so that your funding may be accurately allocated.

Where does the data come from?

The data comes from you, or your institutional representative. Instructions for completing the database can be found on the tab "Help Menu".

Where is the application?

The OPPA is located on the U.S. ATLAS server at this link: (authentication required). However, we suggest that you review the instructions on the Help Menu before you go to the application.

What can OPPA do for me?

The application can produce several reports which may be useful to you as well as the Program Office and the Funding Agencies. The reports can be printed or may be downloaded in Excel format for further analysis. Selecting a report is as simple as selecting a link and a drop-down box for the type of data you want captured in the report.

  • Standard Institution FTE Report
    This report profiles the Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) for the selected institution. The report will profile the reporting areas within which time is assigned, summarize the FTEs for each category and subcategory, both at CERN and Not At CERN, as well as FTEs spent on Non-Research Activities and Non-ATLAS Experiments, and then total the FTEs for ATLAS Time at CERN, and Total ATLAS Time. In addition, the report totals the number of CERN trips planned, and provides an average length of stay at CERN. These reports can be produced for each individual category of collaborator (i.e. Scientist, Technician, etc.), as well as All Personnel.
  • Reporting Area / Personnel Pivot Report
    This report lists each person and their worker category in the institution and profiles the reporting areas within which they are working. It summarizes the percentage of their time for each category and subcategory, and then total the ATLAS TIme for Scientific Effort as well as Total ATLAS Time. Data can be displayed as percentage or FTEs.
  • FTEs by Reporting Area Report
    This report simply lists each reporting area and the FTEs within that reporting area in profile. You can select this report for All Personnel, Scientific Personnel, and Non-Scientific Personnel.
  • Personnel & FTE Report
    This report shows the total no. of personnel and FTE for All, Scientific Personnel, and Non-Scientific Personnel for the year(s) selected.
  • Personnel at CERN 100% Report
    This report shows ALL personnel in the database whose time is 100% At CERN for the year selected.
  • Minority Summary Report
    This report summarizes the Minority data captured in the database, as entered. No names or institutions are assigned to this data. It summarizes Ethnicity, Race, Disability Status, and Gender.
  • U.S. ATLAS PhD Report
    This report lists, for each institution, the names and titles of the individuals with ATLAS PhD, as well as Graduate Students, their PhD Year, Institution, and Thesis Title.

The OPPA (/programoffice/oppa.php) is linked with the ATLAS Glance database and a lot of the information is extracted from Glance. The OPPA is updated periodically during the day by regular synchronization with Glance. Institutional Representative and delegate will be assigned as the “Institutional Admin” (IA) for the institute responsible for updating, maintaining and verifying the content of the database. Click here to find your Institutional Representative.

The entries for all members at the institute can be updated by the IA or by the members themselves. While the IA has the privileges to view the content of all the members of the institute, individual members can only see their own record and therefore only update their own record.

Logging In

  • First time user: Click on "Forgot your password ?" at the bottom and create a new password. Strict password protocols are now followed. Instructions can be found on the password page. If your email address is not recognized, it is likely that your original address recorded in the database is different than the one you are trying to log in with. You must use the original address to log in.
  • Forget your password / Locked out on 5 unsuccessful login attempts: Click on “Forgot your password ?” at the bottom to reset your password.

    • Member List   (accessible by Institutional Admin only)

      • Once you have signed in, you will see a list of all members for your institute, their ATLAS Title, ATLAS Status, and verification status. The viewer displays 10 active members at a time only. You may also view a list of "Retired Users" by selecting "Retired" in the drop box against "Show".
      • At the bottom, you will see a list of "Additional Users". These are users who appear in the ATLAS Glance database, but no previous record has been found in the U.S. ATLAS personnel database (i.e. OPPA).
      • In the Verified Column, the verification status should be marked with an "X". It will remain so until you have verified the information for each member and acknowledged it. If the word "Delete" appears instead of an "X", it means that there is no data associated with this member allowing you the opportunity to delete the member from the database. If the member is a valid member and you do not wish to "Delete", simply enter the data for that member.
      • Additional Users:
        As noted, members found in the ATLAS Glance Database and not in U.S. ATLAS database are found as a separate list at the bottom of the page. Before you take any action, please go through the member list to check if they already have an OPPA account (e.g. under a different first name or with a typo on the name):
        1. If they do not have an existing OPPA account and are valid ATLAS members: they should be added to the U.S. ATLAS database. This can be done by simply clicking on the "Add User" link.
        2. If they are valid ATLAS members and are already on the member list: that means the CERN user has not been associated with the OPPA user. You can simply click on “Edit” the “User Details", select the name from the drop box for “CERN User at this Institution”, then click “Save” to make the CERN association. You will see that their ATLAS Title and Status appear in the list of active users and that the record in the “Additional Users” has been removed.
        3. If they are invalid ATLAS members: no action is required.

      Member Data Page

      Once you click on the name of a Member or "Add User" (accessible by Institutional Admin), you will be presented with that person's Member page. This is also the page that individual members directly see if they log in.

      User Details

      Some of the user details may already be filled in. To change or add additional user details, click on "Edit" at the top of the "User Details" section. This will present you with an editable User Details page. Please fill the entire section appropriately.

      • If the person has left your institute, please set his/her status to "Retired".
      • “CERN User at this Institution”: If this is displayed as “Not Applicable”, click on the drop box and select the name as applicable.
      • “U.S. ATLAS Title”: Select the Title appropriately from the drop box.
        • When Faculty or Research Scientist is selected, a "Permanent" check box will appear. Check it if the faculty is tenured or the scientist is permanent.
        • Graduate Student: This should be reserved for use with those obtaining PhD in ATLAS. When selected, a “Thesis Title” will be requested. Please fill it in as accurately as possible. If title is not yet defined, you can give the probable area of thesis.
        • Other Student: This is for use with undergraduates or students not getting PhD from ATLAS.
      • “CERN Resident”: Check this box for anyone having 100% time at CERN.
      • “IB Member”: Check this box if and only if you are an IB Representative of your institute.
      • “Other Phone”: Add a phone number other than the CERN Office phone number with which we are most likely to reach you - such as a U.S. phone number.
      • “Year of PhD”: For Graduate Students, indicate the expected year of PhD. For others, indicate the year of PhD if relevant.
      • “ATLAS PhD”: If this box is checked, it will ask you for additional information - the PhD Institution and Thesis Title. Please fill this information as we are regularly asked by the agencies for student information.
      • “Additional Relevant Information”: For example, use this box to enter the end date of appointment (for Retired User), the date of PhD graduation (for Student), or other useful information.
      *Be sure to click “Save” when done.


      "Citizenship" must be specified, otherwise you will not be able to "Save" the changes.

      Optionally please enter the other Demographics information on the right side. This information will only be used in a statistical manner and individual information will not be released.

      *Be sure to click “Save” when done.

      Two additional tabs can be found at the top of the page: "Reporting Areas" and "Funding Support". Please update the information as necessary.

      Reporting Areas

      • If the person is new or if changes are necessary, click on "Edit Responsibilities" and check all the boxes that are relevant (likewise, un-check any areas that are no longer relevant). The Phase-I upgrade and Phase-II R&D is clearly identified. As an example, if the member is working on Physics Analysis and TRT maintenance, then check the boxes "Proton-Proton" under "Physics Research" and "TRT" under "M&O".
      • Work on Program Management, Education/Outreach and Administrative (i.e. not relating to Program Management) can be found at the bottom.
      • Non-Research Activities refer to teaching and retired. Do not use this for administrative work which should be put under “Other: Administrative”.

      *Be sure to click “Save” when done.

      Funding Support

      Likewise, if there has been a change in the member's funding source, please click on the associated "Edit" button to update this information. Select all sources of funding applicable to the specific person.

      *Be sure to click “Save” when done.

      Data Entry

      Click on the "Edit Entry Data" button to fill out or update the data to the best of your knowledge and as accurately as possible:

      1. The fractional effort for each of the selected activities that the member is working on. The Total MUST add up to 100%.
      2. The fractional funding support. The Total MUST add up to 100%.
      3. Trips to CERN. If “CERN resident” is checked on the User Details, you will see “100% Time at CERN” listed here.

      *Click "Save" in top Right hand corner to save the data.

      *Important: You will be prompted with a check box that you have reviewed these entries after which you can click Submit to verify this member of your group for the Fiscal Year. (The check box and the Submit button can be found on the green banner at the top of the Member data page)

      For Institutional Admin: Please repeat the above steps for each member of your group.

      Questions or Issues?   Contact Suzanne Junk, U.S. ATLAS Program Office Administrator, 631-344-3311 or .