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ATLAS Meetings Exemption Status


  1. If the request is denied, the meeting is classified as a "conference" and is subject to approval by the DOE.
  2. If classified as a conference, travelers should be reported on the iPortal under the quota of the national lab responsible for the travel funds.
  3. An event for ATLAS is considered exempt if the event is held at CERN or one of the collaborating ATLAS Institutions. If the event is hosted by a collaborating ATLAS institution and held at a hotel or other public meeting place, this would not be considered exempt from reporting.
Start Date End Date Title Location Request Submitted Request Approved Request Denied
21-Jan25-Jan-19ATLAS Physics & Performance WeekCERN-
4-Feb8-Feb-19ATLAS Muon & NSW WeekCERN-
28-Jan1-Feb-19ATLAS ITk WeekCERN-
4-Feb8-Feb-19ATLAS Tile System WeekCERN-
11-Feb15-Feb-19ATLAS WeekCERN-
27-Feb28-Feb-19LHCC MeetingCERN-
4-Mar8-Mar-19ATLAS LAr WeekCERN-
6-Mar8-Mar-19ATLAS Software & Computing WeekCERN-
18-Mar22-Mar-19ATLAS TDAQ WeekCERN-
25-Mar29-Mar-19ATLAS Physics & Performance WeekCERN-
8-Apr12-Apr-19ATLAS Upgrade WeekCERN-
15-Apr17-Apr-19RRB MeetingCERN-
5-May10-May-19ATLAS Trigger Workshop 2019Elba Island, ItalyNot exemptReportable
20-May25-May-19ATLAS TDAQ WeekCERN-
20-May25-May-19ATLAS LAr WeekMilan-
5-Jun6-Jun-19LHCC MeetingCERN-
9-Jun14-Jun-19ATLAS Tile System WeekCERN-
11-Jun12-Jun-19XRootD Workshop @CC-IN2P3Villeurbanne, FranceNot exempt
17-Jun22-Jun-19ATLAS WeekCERN-
24-Jun28-Jun-19ATLAS Software & Computing WeekNYUNot exemptReportable
1-Jul5-Jul-19ATLAS Muon & NSW WeekCERN-
16-Jul18-Jul-19U.S. ATLAS Computing, Software, and Physics Support Technical MeetingUniversity of Washington-
22-Jul26-Jul-19ATLAS Physics & Performance WeekCERN-
6-Aug9-Aug-19U.S. ATLAS Summer WorksopUMass, Amherst-
9-Sep13-Sep-19ATLAS Physics & Performance WeekCERN-
11-Sep12-Sep-18LHCC MeetingCERN-
16-Sep20-Sep-19ATLAS TDAQ WeekCERN-
16-Sep20-Sep-19ATLAS LAr WeekCERN-
23-Sep27-Sep-19ATLAS ITk WeekCERN-
30-Sep4-Oct-19ATLAS Software & Computing WeekCERN-
30-Sep4-Oct-19ATLAS Tile System WeekCERN-
7-Oct11-Oct-19ATLAS WeekBerlinNot exemptReportable
14-Oct18-Oct-19ATLAS Hadronic Calibration Workshop 2019University of Arizona-
28-Oct30-Oct-19RRB MeetingCERN-
4-Nov8-Nov-19ATLAS Muon & NSW WeekCERN-
11-Nov15-Nov-19ATLAS Upgrade WeekCERN-
18-Nov22-Nov-19ATLAS LAr WeekCERN-
20-Nov21-Nov-19LHCC MeetingCERN-
2-Dec6-Dec-19ATLAS Software & Computing WeekCERN-
9-Dec13-Dec-19ATLAS Physics & Performance WeekCERN-
16-Dec20-Dec-19U.S. ATLAS Hadronic Final State Forum (HFSF2019) Univ. of Chicago-